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    Tennis Ratings

About the KCM Adult Tennis Club Rating

2.0 (True Beginner)







This is an Individual Rating System, not solely based on your current Team you are playing on!

As a Club we are always striving to offer competitive tennis at a player's correct skill level!  We are also looking to have players play at their level, with a higher level, and with a slightly lower rated opponent(s)!  Think of it like a Pro tournament...Roger or Serena don’t always play the top competition early in Tournaments and that is a chance to play with a little less pressure and work on parts of their games in competition that they normally wouldn’t do against TOP players without practicing it first!

With so many rating systems in the Boston area...we have to choose one system to Rate all of our Club players.  We have chosen the USTA NTRP Rating Scale.  

We will take a Year End USTA Rating or if you don’t play USTA which is the case for a lot of our Members, our Coaching Staff Committee will take your last year’s history in League (CMass, DBH, Spring League) and performance in our Clinics to provide you with a KCM Club Rating.  If you do not play in any leagues we will provide  your rating based on our Professional opinions of your play in Clinics/Lessons or Matchplay. 

After the end of each Adult League Season & in December (Year End) we will adjust ratings accordingly!  Or feel free to play USTA Tournaments/Leagues to adjust your Rating!

* KCM Coaching Staff Committee Tennis Ratings can only be superseded by a higher year end Computer USTA rating (not a self rating).

The links below provide level-by-level NTRP Rating informational videos for the recreational tennis player. Check them out!



Complimentary 5-10 minute evaluations are available for:

  • •Adults (Beginners do not need evals)
  • •Juniors (Age 10+ seeking to apply to Academy Level Programs)

Once you have created an account and filled out the requested forms above, the coordinator will reach out to schedule an evaluation. After your evaluation your account will be given permission by the coordinator to access programs (session long) & classes (weekly drop in) based on your rating/skill level.

Still Have Questions? Not sure where to start or what to do?

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