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    Platform Tennis Ratings

Exciting times here at KCM!  PLATFORM TENNIS - NOW OPEN!

We are beyond excited to bring this highly regarded sport to our Club.  We are going to take this Winter and Spring to get as many of you out playing and Rated in our Club Rating System which will eventually lead to you getting your own unique PTI (Platform Tennis Index) when you are selected for a League Team for the 2024/25 Season.  This season myself & our Coaching Staff will be giving each player a Club Rating. We will be adding this rating as we coach you in classes, join a Leveled Group Play, or simply walk by & watch you and your group play.  This will help us reach you for opportunities at your level!

  If you are a Member or League player at another club please let us know your PTI & we can set your KCM Club Rating so you can join us on the courts & meet our Members!  One of the best things about Platform Tennis is getting out to see other clubs in Winter to enjoy their facility and camaraderie. If you are not interested in being Rated that’s ok too!  Let us know & we will just give you a “Platform Tennis Player” general rating and we will send you emails regarding what’s happening at the Club (Exhibitions/Instruction/Club Updates)!

Thanks & we look forward to seeing everyone on the Courts and around the Firepit!

-Taylor & Pro Staff

KCM Club Levels & PTI Rating System:
Recreational = 70-80 (PTI)
Intermediate = 60-69 (PTI)
Intermediate+ = 50-59 (PTI)
Advanced = 25-49 (PTI)
Advanced+ = 0-24 (PTI)
Pro = 0 to +9 (PTI)

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