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    Tennis Court Rates & Reservations


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Tennis Court Reservations


n/a (must accompany member)

Tennis Court Rates
(***Split Amongst # of Players on Reservation. Please see the other grid below for how this breaks down into your share when playing Singles Vs. Doubles.)
  • $40/hr. (Advanced Booking Adult)
  • $30/hr. (Same Day Booking Adult)
  • $20/hr. (18 & Under)
  • $20/hr. (Adults: Mon-Sun Open-8am & Fri, Sat, Sun 5pm - Close)
  • $10/hr. (18 & Under: Mon-Sun Open-8am & Fri-Sun 5pm - Close)
  • $60/hr. Adult (must accompany member)
  • $50/hr. 18 & Under (must accompany member)

# of Days in Advance you can Reserve Tennis Courts

6 Days

n/a (must accompany member)

Ball Machine
  • $15 hr. + Court Time Cost. 
  • Complimentary Ball Machine Use (Mon-Sun Open - 8am & Mon-Fri 12-3pm) + Court Time Cost (You still have to pay for your court time)
n/a (must accompany member)
Hourly Court Rate Breakdown Per Player 
Rates are listed in the grid above and are based on membership status, booking time frame, and reservation time.
If you still have questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hourly Rate Singles (Individual Share of the Hourly Rate Per Player based on 2 players on the Court Reservation) Doubles (Individual Share of the Hourly Rate Per Player based on 4 players on the Court Reservation)
$60/hr. $30pp $15pp
$50/hr. $25pp $12.50pp
$40/hr. $20pp $10pp
$30/hr. $15pp $7.50pp
$20/hr. $10pp $5pp
$10/hr. $5pp $2.50pp
  • Click Here for more information about our Ball Machines & Ball Machine Etiquette.
  • Only Members are able to reserve TENNIS courts.
  • Non-Members are able to play with a member as the host. See our Non-Member Hourly Rates above.
  • Tennis Courts are able to be reserved by members only, up to 6 days in advance.
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.
  • Racquets & Balls are not included in your reservation. We have Pro Penn Marathon Xtra Duty Balls for Sale at the Front Desk for $5/can.
  • Prior to making a court reservation, make sure everyone in your party has an account before going to reserve a court so their name will automatically pop up in the system.
  • You Must Have All Players On Your Court Reservation. The Reservation System Will Only Acknowledge Players With an existing Profile In The System When Reserving A Court. 
  • Click Here for the Racquets Department Policies.
  • Click Here for Tennis Etiquette.
  • Please check in with the front desk upon arrival to confirm your court # assignment, the club reserves the right to change your court assignment (however we do our best to accommodate your specific court request but may have to change your court for optimum member and court utilization).  

How To Make A Tennis Court Reservation On The Kingsbury Club Medfield Mobile App

  1. Launch the Kingsbury Club Medfield App & Login.
  2. Tap Reservations 
  3. Tap "Tennis" As Service, Tap Done
  4. Select Date and Duration
  5. Add a Participant (The system requires at least 2 people on the reservation unless reserving the ball machine) you will need to know at least one of the other players you are playing with at the time of making the reservation.
  6. Tap Search

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