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Welcome to the Kingsbury Club Fitness Department

  • Melissa Huntington 
    Fitness Director

    Melissa is the Fitness Director of Kingsbury Club Medfield. She has been a certified fitness professional since 2006 and joined the Kingsbury Team in 2012. She started her health and wellness journey in 1998 after graduating from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. She quickly became confident performing many different modalities but especially excelled in deep tissue/sports massage and loved educating people about their bodies.

    Melissa has worked with celebrities and elite athletes including the Men's and Women's U.S. kickboxing teams, Gravity Games athletes, and the New York Giants. Her breadth of experience as a massage therapist brought many of her clients out of physical crisis, but she also realized the limitations of massage-only for the treatment of certain injuries and thus developed a growing interest in exercise science and nutrition. Melissa expanded her career into the fitness field and continued her education at the National Personal Training Institute in 2005 and became a certified trainer and nutritional consultant. She also completed her CrossFit level 1 certification in 2013 and is TRX and Kettlebell certified.

    Melissa uses an individualized approach to assess, motivate, educate and train clients regarding their personal health and fitness needs and goals. She designs safe and effective exercise programs and provides guidance to help each client achieve results. She prides herself in building trusting relationships with her clients and she is committed to helping people lead a healthier life so they can be the best possible version of themselves. Her passion is empowering people of all ages and levels of ability to reach their personal best and to live fully in body, mind, and spirit.

    Melissa grew up a three sport athlete (soccer, basketball, and softball) all through high school and wishes she realized sooner the importance of eating healthy and taking care of her body. She now enjoys playing on the Holliston’s woman’s soccer team and will play pick-up basketball, softball, or pickleball whenever she gets the chance.

  • Christo Lagos
    Christo Lagos
    Personal Trainer

    Christo joined the Kingsbury trainer team in May 2017. Christo has been a life-long multi-sport athlete. He holds a bachelor's degree from Springfield College. He has coached high school football and legion baseball as well as Fury baseball 13U. Christo uses his love of exercise to inspire others to gain confidence through coaching proper technique. Dedication, hard work, honor, integrity and morality dictate all aspects of Christos' life and serve as a positive influence on the athletes he trains. Christo works with all ability levels and ages. He is available for personal and small group training.

  • Jason Shea
    Jason Shea M.S. CSCS
    Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Jason has been a trainer, strength coach, and educator for over 20 years. He was the owner and founder of APECS, CrossFit Tri-Valley, and Franklin and Medway Speed and Power Academies. He has written a few books including Building a Winning Culture in High School Sports, Butt, Guts, and Other Problem Areas, The In-Season Training Manual, Lean Body Solutions, The Adventures of Little Skidooch Part 1 and 2, worked as head football and soccer strength and conditioning Coach and Adjunct Professor of Exercise Science at Dean College, served as the head strength and conditioning coach for the nationally ranked Boston Irish Wolfhounds Rugby team, sits on YMCA board of incorporators as well as the Cooper Institute law enforcement advisory board, and currently has the honor of serving as the Massachusetts statewide health and wellness coordinator for the municipal police. He teaches seminars around New England including ISAF: Instant Strength and Flexibility, Butt, Guts, and Other Problem Areas, The Bulletproof Officer, and Building a Winning Culture in High School Athletics.

    After earning his Master’s in Human Movement, he began traveling around the country and Europe, learning under his mentor, world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. Jason was able to earn the PICP Level IV International Strength coach recognition through his work with thousands of athletes, including numerous professional, college, high school and middle school athletes, state champion teams and individuals, College league MVP’s, high school league MVP’s in all sports, high school and college All-Americans, Strongman, Powerlifting and Figure/Fitness Competitors, business executives, MMA fighters and clubs, Ironmen, SWAT teams, military teams and personnel, state and local police and firefighters, BUDS and SWCC operators, and dozens of local high school teams.

    The two most important things in his life are his family, especially his two kiddos Ayden and Bryn, and 2: his passion for teaching, educating, and helping others through his work in the fitness/strength and conditioning industry as well as through the various charities he is a part of including the YMCA Integration Initiative and LiveStrong Programs, Dana Farber, and locally in youth sports and health and wellness programs.

    His specialties include: injury rehabilitation, structural balance and Biosignature evaluation, body composition, off and in-season athlete preparation, Olympic weightlifting and strongman training, and small, large group and team training.

  • Joel St.Cyr
    Joel St. Cyr
    Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Joel St. Cyr has been a professional strength and conditioning coach for over twenty-five years. Joel is currently the coordinator of speed, strength and conditioning at Babson College. He spent twenty years at Northeastern University as the head strength and conditioning coach working with collegiate athletes from all sports. He worked as a strength coach for the Patriots as well as Clemson University. In 2010 Joel opened St.Cyr Sports Performance and trained athletes of all ages from middle school students through adults. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Springfield College. Joel is available for personal and small group training.

  • Julie Sanderson
    Julie Sanderson

    Julie has been an exercise enthusiast for 35+ years and enjoys helping individuals and small groups achieve their wellness goals. She is a nationally certified trainer, Multiple Sclerosis Wellness certified and experienced as a Youth Strength Training instructor. Julie loves the outdoors, healthy eating and competitive running. She was a charter member of her local school system's Nutrition Task Force and believes an active lifestyle is a small sacrifice for a lifetime of health. Julie specializes in strength training, weight loss and functional fitness for adults, youth, teens and clients with special considerations. She is excited to design a safe, innovative workout program for you!

  • Kristen Williams
    Kristen Williams 
    Personal Trainer

    Kristen is a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor with over fifteen years in the fitness industry. She has enjoyed sports and fitness her whole life. Kristen enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge of healthy living. She teaches a variety of classes including Pilates, TRX, and spin. Kristen is an avid runner and cyclist who participates road races, triathlons and scuba diving. Kristen holds a Master's in Health and Wellness Promotion. She is available for personal and small group training.
  • Lisa Karger
    Lisa Karger
    Pilates Instructor and Barre Instructor

    Lisa is a former dancer, longtime fitness enthusiast, and has been teaching group fitness for many years. She first discovered Pilates many years ago to help alleviate lower back pain and weakness. She immediately fell in love with how Pilates made her feel and how strong it made her which inspired her to become a Pilates Instructor. Lisa draws from her passion of dance and strives to continuously learn and grow so she can challenge her clients to be the best that they can be. Lisa is comprehensively trained through Balanced Body University in Pilates and Barre. Lisa also teaches Barre and TRX. In addition, Lisa has a decor business specializing in children's decor.

  • Marcella Pannenborg
    Marcella Pannenborg 
    Pilates Instructor & Barre Instructor

    Marcella is a tennis player for our DBH 1 team, longtime fitness enthusiast, and has been teaching Barre and Pilates for the past six years.

    She first discovered Pilates following her doctor’s recommendations 16 yrs. ago as a way to keep her scoliosis in check. She practiced Pilates twice a week to keep her strong and balanced. Allowing her to run daily, play tennis, swim and ski injury free. Fast forward to six years ago, Marcella started taking Bootybarre classes and fell in love with it and became a Bootybarre and Group Exercise AFAA certified instructor. Bootybarre provided a great format for increasing strength, flexibility, alignment, balance and endurance with no impact. Guided by Patty Barron, her mentor she started exploring Pilates courses to further her movement knowledge and found BASI Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training. BASI has a modern approach to the Pilates Repertoire focusing on the client and adapting the exercise to their needs while maintaining the purpose of the exercise. She is BASI Comprehensive Pilates certified for Mat, Reformer, Tower, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Avalon, Avalon/Spine corrector and Ped a pull.

    Pilates has been an incredible vehicle for her to see gains in clients strength, flexibility and mobility. She enjoys working with all ages and abilities, starting from her ten-year-old son to her eldest client a seventy-four-year-old. Marcella was published in the Basi Student library on her graduate paper “How BASI Pilates Block System Helped My 10 yr. Old Athlete Cease Back Pain”
  • Paula Bogar
    Paula Bogar BS, MA
    Personal Trainer
    Group Exercise Instructor
    Arthritis Program Leader
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Paula is a fitness professional with a BS in Exercise Science, Athletic Training and Health and Physical Education from Penn State. Upon attaining her NATBOC certification as an athletic trainer, she then went on to UCONN to serve as the athletic trainer for the highly talented UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball team and earned her masters degree in Fitness Management. She is currently certified as a Aquatic Fitness Professional and Arthritis Foundation Exercise and Aquatic Program Leader. She is also a RAQ THE BARRE Master Trainer

    Working with clients and athletes as well as teaching aqua fitness classes has been a passion of hers for over 25 years. Paula has taught Aqua Fit, Aqua Sport, Senior Swim and Aqua Jog at the Kingsbury Club since 2016. More recently, you will see her name on the group fitness schedule. Early in her career, Paula worked as a teacher and athletic trainer at The Rivers School and Roxbury Latin.

    When not at the Kingsbury Club, Paula enjoys spending time with her family. She can be found skiing in NH in the winter, kayaking in Narragansett Bay in the summer, and hiking in Rocky Woods with her dog Max all year round. She has been actively involved in Medfield Girl Scouts for over 14 years.

    Paula understands the mindset of someone who has put fitness and health on the back burner for a variety of reasons, only to find out as we age or return from injury that it is not so easy to get back on the horse. Paula can help you start and take that first step back to wellness, feeling better and leading a more active lifestyle. Using her years of experience in athletic training, she can safely provide clients with multiple variations and combinations of exercises to meet each individual's strength and fitness goals. No workout is ever the same! She is available for personal training, small group training, and aquatic personal training.

  • Steve Gurtowski
    Steve Gurtowski 

    Confidence in your ability to meet life’s physical demands is one of the key aspects of living well, and Steve is committed to helping you fit fitness into your life.

    Steve has over 24 years of strength, health, and fitness coaching experience under his belt. His training philosophy is based on time-proven practices and grounded in experience and an athletic background. His interest in fitness began as he watched his role model, his grandmother, maintain her strength well into her 80s by staying active and working on her farm. As a result, “keep moving to keep healthy” became the cornerstone of his philosophy.

    One of his core beliefs being that smart fitness training doesn’t rely on high-tech equipment or the latest workout trends. Instead, he uses a mix of sensible strength training, smart lifestyle strategies, and time-tested tools for building strength and conditioning.

    Every client enjoys a personalized training plan with their specific fitness levels and goals in mind, whether it’s building strength for health and longevity or recovering from an injury. He has worked with all groups ranging from youth athletes to grandparents.

    His specialties include: filling the gap between post-physical therapy and full function, helping those with “bad backs”, the active aging population, and desk bound workers feel and move better again.

  • Jeremy Dillon

    Jeremy is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) with over a decade of experience helping kids and adults build strength, overcome injury and be more athletic. It’s a fact, the more fun we have the easier it is to work hard…AT ANY AGE! If you know an exercise is prescribed to serve a specific purpose, it’s easier to give more effort. Jeremy finds the balance between education and fun to build intrinsic motivation so you want to work harder, not because you have to. If you haven’t met him, Jeremy looks like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh because of the way he bounces around the training room.

    In 2009, he graduated from Westfield State College with a B.S. in Movement Science and a concentration in Health and Fitness. In 2018 he became Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute Certified (TPI) to help golfers reduce pain and add distance to their game. He is currently pursuing his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification to help people that have struggled with their diet build sustainable results.

    Sports are fun and training should be too! Just because you don’t play on a team doesn’t mean you are not an athlete! The “everyday athletes” are working professionals, moms, dads, grandparents, weekend warriors and so-on that want to stay healthy to live their lives to the fullest. The smarter you train in the gym, the more capable and confident you will be when taking on life’s demands!

    Growing up a two-sport athlete, he understands the demands sports can have on an athlete as well as their family. In high school he suffered a severe football injury that ended his season and put his spring sport season at risk. The rehabilitation process failed to prepare him for the demands his body would be facing which lead to another injury. Years later after understanding the rehabilitation process he identified the gaps in the system and created programs to help keep others from falling in!

    This sparked his passion to help competitive athletes and “everyday-athletes” reduce their risk of injury, build confidence and unlock their potential. He has achieved this through building smarter training programs that fit each individual’s lifestyle and goals in a fun, educational environment.

    His specialties include: golf fitness, youth athletic development, team training, Olympic lifting, return to play (closing the gap for athletes between physical therapy and getting back on the field), lifestyle/habit coaching for long-term change, personal training, small group training, and large group training.

    Jeremy is ready to develop an actionable plan to help you achieve your goals! E-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started!