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Splash up your routine with our aqua aerobic classes: 

Hydro Therapy Training
Mondays with Joel 7:00-8:00 AM
Fridays with Joel 7:00- 8:00 AM.
Enjoy a full body, low impact workout with Joel St. Cyr.
This class will concentrate on cardiovascular training and full range of motion full-body muscular training. Class will be held in the shallow end of the pool.
Aqua Fit
Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 AM with Heidi
This moderately-paced class utilizes the shallow end of the pool and a variety of pool equipment to offer a more traditional aerobics class.
Class consists of a warm up, simple choreography moves, and varied strength and toning sequences resulting in a complete body workout.
Senior Swim
Fridays 9:30-10:30 AM with Christo
This is a shallow water workout with [gentle] low
impact cardio movements as well as full body conditioning
exercises.Benefits include an enhanced sense of overall body
awareness and balance training, all in a safe aqua environment.
Aqua Fusion
Mondays 9:00-10:00 AM with Heidi
This aqua class utilizes aqua bells to provide a low impact workout using drag resistance training.
Resistance is created while carrying out a variety of exercise tempo’s to target a full body workout, keeping joints healthy and reducing the risk of injury.
Working opposing muscle groups is the goal to help achieve muscle balance and symmetry.
Aqua Tabata
Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 AM with Christo
Utilizing the famous Tabata style HIIT training method (20-second intervals of high-intensity work followed by short rest periods), this class focuses on sets of simple, yet intense exercises, allowing you to burn away the calories and strengthen your body as a whole.
RAAA- Aqua Barre
Thursdays 7:00-8:00 AM with Soraya
RAQ THE BARRE® gets wet! Experience a new dimension to barre fitness with the many benefits that come with hydro training!
This class utilizes noodles, loop bands, and additional props to tone and sculpt your body with the same ancient Middle Eastern mindful movements translated into an aqua barre workout!
Lengthen, strengthen, and enhance your posture as you work your entire body with added low impact & suspended cardio barre bursts!