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The Academy Select

The Academy program focuses on competitive greatness. The tennis development program brings together a selected group of players who are committed to hard work and tennis development. The program's training and practice sessions will simulate what it takes to overcome adversity on court. The sessions aim to strengthen a player both mentally and physically by continually testing a player's will. Many of the Academy's challenges take players out of their comfort zones, with each session providing an opportunity to adapt and improve, ultimately enabling players to realize their personal best. This level of sacrifice and effort will have a positive impact on the player's future in competitive tennis and life.

Developing academy game style & curriculum
Stroke development & tactics
  • Developing Weapons for your game style
  • Exploiting Weaknesses
  • Tactical Patterns
  • Dynamic Balanced Drill Sessions
  • Situational Games
Mental toughness & rituals
  • Resiliency to Adversity
  • Leadership
  • Poise in Tough Situations
  • Making Sacrifices
  • Mental and Moral Conditioning
Strength & conditioning sessions
  • Speed and Agility
  • Multi-Directional Movement
  • First Step Explosiveness
  • Core Development
  • Injury Prevention
Player development
  • Competitive Greatness
  • Engagement with Coaches
  • Reliability and Responsibility
  • Self Control
  • Confidence
  • Initiative