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The Academy Futures

Our Academy Futures programs encompass beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate level players from ages 11-16 years old. Players will learn proper grips, strokes, scoring, point construction, foot work, positioning, and match play. All players should have a good work ethic, positive attitude, and the desire to move up into our Academy program. Groups are leveled by ability. Junior Membership is required to participate in these programs. Evaluations are recommended for proper placement.
3 day/week programs

This program is for our intermediate level junior players. We work on developing and improving, strokes, strategy and match play. Players should have a good work ethic and positive attitude.
Curriculum Highlights

  • Improve Fundaments
  • Work on consistency and spins
  • Appropriate stroke selection
  • Develop first and second serves
  • Point play with a purpose
  • Foot work and positioning
  • Develop confidence
  • Learn and improve the fundamentals of tennis
  • Work on strokes and consistency
  • Develop serves, volleys and overheads
  • Develop point play
  • Learn game strategy