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Metrowest Men's Travel League
Team Highlights

  • We need at least 22 committed players to apply for a new league team! Tell your friends!
  • Mark your calendars, guys! The action-packed 2024-25 season kicks off mid-October 2024 and runs through March 2025, sprinkled with breaks for holidays and byes along the way. And don't forget to gear up for the thrilling playoffs to cap off the season in style!
  • We are organized in the GBPTL regionally in the Metro West (MW) and then by teams into Divisions determined primarily by average PTI Levels.
  • Matches are on Monday and Tuesday nights, based on Team Division Level! Match Nights are where it's at, we start at 6 pm!
  • League Match Venues: Prepare yourself for the ultimate home game experience at KCM, the undisputed best venue in Boston! When we hit the road for away matches, we'll be taking on the competition at top-notch venues like TCC, Wellesley CC, Dedham Polo CC, Brae Burn CC, and beyond.
  • Home Team Food & Beverage: Get ready to indulge, folks! When it comes to hosting, KCM brings the heat with top-notch Home Team Food & Beverage service from the Icehouse Restaurant. We're rolling out the red carpet for our visiting squad, serving up refreshing beverages and a rotating menu straight from the Ice House Restaurant. It's all about hospitality and good vibes, so get ready to treat your taste buds to a winning experience!


  • $25 Per Match - This cost is for Home & Away Matches, and includes a Sleeve of Balls for Home matches.
  • $tbd. Home Match Food & Beverage Cost - The Ice House will cater food & beverage for your home matches. This cost is per player, it includes your meal and a meal for your opponent.
  • Monthly Membership Cost (Individual, Couple, Family, Senior) - You must have an active membership throughout the League season (Mid-October - End of March), No Exceptions. (Does not include 'specialty' memberships, i.e. Pickleball Only)
  • $65 GBPTL/APTA Yearly Dues ($30 GBPTL League Fee & $35 APTA). APTA dues will be waived for lifetime members.


  • Players can apply through Saturday, June 1st, 2024.
  • At Kingsbury Club Medfield you APPLY for a Team AS AN INDIVIDUAL, NOT A PAIRING!
  • If a player formally makes a roster and withdraws not due to medical exemption, this player is subject to at least a two-year membership and non-member ban into all Racquets programs and lessons at the discretion of the Director of Racquet Sports. This ensures fairness in Roster Selection for our faithful Platform Tennis Community. Thank you for your commitment!
  • Questions, please contact the Platform Tennis Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Metrowest Men's Platform Tennis Travel League Team Application 24-25'

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