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Staff Bios

Welcome to the Kingsbury Club Fitness Department.

  • JulieDaly Julie Daly 
    Fitness Director
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    Julie joined the Kingsbury Trainer Team in November 2008 and became Fitness Director in November 2010. She is a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and fitness leader. As the Fitness Director, Julie is committed to building a team that provides every member with a quality fitness program that will help them achieve results. She has been a long-distance runner since her college days when she ran on her school's cross country team. After having four children, Julie learned first-hand the importance of building muscle in order to maintain a healthy weight. "As we age our metabolisms slow. Lifting weights not only Increases our metabolism but it helps us look younger."

    Julie holds a Masters Degree in Teaching and is known for her leadership, motivating style and results-oriented approach to fitness. Julie is available for personal and small group training as well as fitness consultations.
  • AllisonBernhardt Allison Bernhardt 
    Personal Trainer

    Allison is a certified personal trainer with a specialty in functional training. She is also TRX suspension training certified. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy and has spent time as a Physical Therapy Aide. This background gives her good insight into injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. Allison has a passion for running, swimming and cycling and has competed in several marathons and triathlons. Her passion for fitness and her positive attitude help her clients achieve their own personal goals. Allison is available for personal and small group training.
  • kevinbrooks Christo Lagos
    Personal Trainer

    Christo joined the Kingsbury trainer team in May 2017. Christo has been a life-long multi-sport athlete. He holds a bachelor's degree from Springfield College. He has coached high school football and legion baseball as well as Fury baseball 13U. Christo uses his love of exercise to inspire others to gain confidence through coaching proper technique. Dedication, hard work, honor, integrity and morality dictate all aspects of Christos' life and serve as a positive influence on the athletes he trains. Christo works with all ability levels and ages. He is available for personal and small group training.
  • 1 Allie Levine 
    Fitness Trainer

    Allie holds a BA in Exercise Science from Westfield State University. She loves teaching group exercise classes and working with adults of all ability levels. Allie is available for small group and personal training.

  • DavidMiduraDavid Midura CSCS
    Personal Trainer
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    David is a certified personal trainer through the NSCA and is a Strength and Conditioning Coach. He enjoys working with middle and high school student athletes, coaching and conditioning them for various sports. When it comes to personal fitness David believes you don't have to be an athlete to train like one.

    David has been a soccer coach for eight years, working with SC Norfolk, BAYS and currently KPSA at the King Philip Middle school. He also plays for the NEOH Soccer League.  David has been coaching soccer for nine years
    and is currently the JV girls soccer coach at King Philip High School.

    David is available for personal and small group training.
  • KellyOwen Kelly Owen 
    Pilates Trainer

    Kelly is a certified, classically trained instructor through Peak Pilates. She is trained to teach reformer, cadillac, chair and barrel. She teaches group mat and equipment classes, and is also available for private instruction. Kelly’s mission is to help her clients develop their minds and bodies through exercise to improve their posture, balance, and overall flexibility. Her classes are adapted to meet the individual needs of all clients. Kelly is a high school Special Education teacher and holds an M.Ed. in Education from Framingham State University.
  • jim-perkins Jim Perkins
    Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Jim joined the Kingsbury Trainer Team in November of 2014. He is a football and strength and conditioning coach. As a sports performance specialist, Jim believes strongly in training with the intent to gain abilities. He has molded a unique perspective on not just performance training but working out in general. His motivational-style is not just for athletes, but those trying to better themselves as individuals. Jim is available for personal and small group training as well as sports team training.

  • Julie-SandersonJulie Sanderson

    Julie has been an exercise enthusiast for 35+ years and enjoys helping individuals and small groups achieve their wellness goals. She is a nationally certified trainer, Multiple Sclerosis Wellness certified and experienced as a Youth Strength Training instructor. Julie loves the outdoors, healthy eating and competitive running. She was a charter member of her local school system's Nutrition Task Force and believes an active lifestyle is a small sacrifice for a lifetime of health. Julie specializes in strength training, weight loss and functional fitness for adults, youth, teens and clients with special considerations. She is excited to design a safe, innovative workout program for you!

  • Jason Shea Jason Shea M.S. CSCS
    Strength & Conditioning Coach 

    Jason has been a trainer, strength coach, and educator for over 20 years. He was the owner and founder of APECS, CrossFit Tri-Valley, and Franklin and Medway Speed and Power Academies. He has written a few books including Building a Winning Culture in High School Sports, Butt, Guts, and Other Problem Areas, The In-Season Training Manual, Lean Body Solutions, The Adventures of Little Skidooch Part 1 and 2, worked as head football and soccer strength and conditioning Coach and Adjunct Professor of Exercise Science at Dean College, served as the head strength and conditioning coach for the nationally ranked Boston Irish Wolfhounds Rugby team, sits on YMCA board of incorporators as well as the Cooper Institute law enforcement advisory board, and currently has the honor of serving as the Massachusetts statewide health and wellness coordinator for the municipal police. He teaches seminars around New England including ISAF: Instant Strength and Flexibility, Butt, Guts, and Other Problem Areas, The Bulletproof Officer, and Building a Winning Culture in High School Athletics.

                   After earning his Master’s in Human Movement, he began traveling around the country and Europe, learning under his mentor, world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. Jason was able to earn the PICP Level IV International Strength coach recognition through his work with thousands of athletes, including numerous professional, college, high school and middle school athletes, state champion teams and individuals, College league MVP’s, high school league MVP’s in all sports, high school and college All-Americans, Strongman, Powerlifting and Figure/Fitness Competitors, business executives, MMA fighters and clubs, Ironmen, SWAT teams, military teams and personnel, state and local police and firefighters, BUDS and SWCC operators, and dozens of local high school teams.

                   The two most important things in his life are his family, especially his two kiddos Ayden and Bryn, and 2: his passion for teaching, educating, and helping others through his work in the fitness/strength and conditioning industry as well as through the various charities he is a part of including the YMCA Integration Initiative and LiveStrong Programs, Dana Farber, and locally in youth sports and health and wellness programs.

                   His specialties include: injury rehabilitation, structural balance and Biosignature evaluation, body composition, off and in-season athlete preparation, Olympic weightlifting and strongman training, and small, large group and team training.
  • JoelStCyr Joel St. Cyr 
    Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Joel St. Cyr has been a professional strength and conditioning coach for over twenty-five years. Joel is currently the coordinator of speed, strength and conditioning at Babson College. He spent twenty years at Northeastern University as the head strength and conditioning coach working with collegiate athletes from all sports. He worked as a strength coach for the Patriots as well as Clemson University. In 2010 Joel opened St.Cyr Sports Performance and trained athletes of all ages from middle school students through adults. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Springfield College. Joel is available for personal and small group training.
  • KristenWilliams Kristen Williams 
    Personal Trainer

    Kristen is a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor with over fifteen years in the fitness industry. She has enjoyed sports and fitness her whole life. Kristen enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge of healthy living. She teaches a variety of classes including Pilates, TRX, and spin. Kristen is an avid runner and cyclist who participates road races, triathlons and scuba diving. Kristen holds a Master's in Health and Wellness Promotion. She is available for personal and small group training.