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Full Swing Golf

Located in The Ice House, our two golf pods create real golf play on many of the most popular courses aroung the world. Equipped with award winning technology, the accuracy and complete ball control provides ideal conditions for those looking to play a round of golf.

The simulators are widely used for league play, golf instruction, contests, club fitting or just a casual round of golf. With more than twenty modes of play, you can choose the style of play that suits you.

Feature Overview:
  • Numerous Championship Courses
  • More than twenty modes of play
  • Various courses descriptions
  • State-of-the-art practice range
  • Par 3 shoot out
  • Touchscreen control interface
  • Realistic ball flight and putting

Golf Software

Full Swing Golf's custom adaptation of the award-winning Microsoft Links software provides stunning representation of numerous Championship courses. The software includes photo realistic graphics, brand new courses, a dynamic camera and a 3D green analyzer. Additional features include 3D audio and an interactive practice facility. The combination of these graphics and the Full Swing tracking system creates an amazingly detailed and authentic golf experience.

Championship Courses

Numerous challenging golf courses from around the world are available, including Pebble Beach, Oak Hill, and the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Detailed Golf Environments

The top courses from around the world come to life with immaculate fairways, crosscut greens, 3D trees, galleries of golf fans, water hazards, and even wildlife. These actual courses feature options to control factors like green speeds, wind variables and weather conditions.

Shot Control

Real-time ball flight data is used to give you complete control over each and every shot. Speed, launch angle, direction, and course conditions are all factored in. The top-view caddie gives you all the information you need, including Distance to the Pin, Lay-up yardages, elevation changes, as well as wind speed and direction.

Interactive Practice Facility

To enhance teaching and perfect club fitting, an entire course dedicated solely to practice is available, featuring approach shots, uphill, downhill, bump and run, lob, over trouble and many more. The Visual Feedback System can precisely pinpoint weaknesses and strengths and enable golfers to instantly see and compare the performance of different golf clubs. An on-screen, multi-colored tracer compares the total ball flight from virtually any distance, while providing complete ball flight data, including: launch angle, carry, ball speed, total distance, distance to the pin.

Contest Capabilities

Each Full Swing Golf simulator is equipped with proprietary Closest to the Pin software and Long Drive capabilities. Set up an individual contest, or add these features to a golf scramble or tournament you're hosting in the simulator, complete with leader boards. The simulator features over 18 different modes of play, including skins, alternate shot, Ryder Cup formats and more.